Why Upcycle?

Okay, so I admit, I’m a scavenger at heart. Since I was 12 I was building computers out of spare parts from garage sales.  I love the feeling of grabbing somebody elses junk and fixing it, clearing it, or repurposing it so that it is given a new lease on life.

Consumerism has taught us that we need new stuff and to simply chuck out the old. This is a huge waste and is incredibly costly not only to the planet but actually to overall wealth.

Of course sometimes a new, fast, reliable device is exactly what an application needs. Often though, a reliable second hand device is actually just as good and sometimes even better. Take a printer for example. You can buy a new one for say $100. That gets you a simple laser printer or an inkjet. It will come with just enough consumables to get you through a few prints then you will have to buy a new cartridge for 30-160 bucks.  Or you buy a quality second hand light commercial laser printer that’s done a couple thousand prints but designed to do 200,000 over it’s lifetime for the same money.  It may not be bright and shiny but it may suit your purpose better and last longer.

Recycling also means less plastic in the landfill. I don’t need to say more – except that I wish people thought less about supermarket plastic bags and more about the wasted plastic in all the new stuff we buy. It’s all plastic!

That’s all. If you want to either donate stuff for upcycling or buy refurbished, please get in touch.