$35 – Assessment – and fix if we get lucky – and I often get lucky!

This is for when you have computer, laptop, phone or tablet with a problem and need it checked to see if it’s a simple fix, or needing replacement or, if we are lucky, it’ something that I can fix in the 30min I allocate to this job. This service is only available if you bring your device to me!

$90/hr – This is my hourly rate for doing tech work from my home office. It takes into account the advantages and economies of working from home!

$120/hr – This is my onsite rate. It takes into account travel expenses and the trouble of travel, and making times work out, and having to put shoes on. More seriously, it’s my rate for the more high risk work that I end up doing onsite in small businesses that require the critical thinking, forward planning, and expertise that I can offer in helping your business run smoothly, recover from technical disasters, and scale well as it grows.