T’s & C’s

If you engage in my services you agree to the following:


Computers, the internet, and all the things in between are fickle and unpredictable. While normally things go fine, there are times that things go wrong and perhaps stop working or break when I am doing a repair or upgrade of hardware/software/website. In this case I DO NOT take responsibility for this UNLESS I caused it by negligence. In which case I will cover the cost of repair and the time to do so. Otherwise, those costs are yours to cover.

I do not accept liability for lost time at work, or lost sales, for yourself or staff but I will do my best to ensure the risk of this is minimised.

Billable Work

Time tracking is tricky, but I use some software called ‘freshbooks’ to track my time. This let’s me track times replying to emails, doing the work, and purchasing on your behalf.

These items are all chargeable:

Researching products or systems on your behalf.
Purchasing on your behalf.
The work that you engaged me for
Why do I charge for all these bits? Well, I’m sure you want me to make careful purchases on your behalf and choose the right products for you? I’m sure you want me to take my time and explain things properly over email? Well, all these things take time, often a lot of time, so I need to charge for these to make my services sustainable.

Markup on purchases

I don’t charge a markup. Instead I charge you for my time to make the purchase. I chose this rout because I consider it more transparent and fair. It means I can give you the invoice for the kit and you can follow up any warranty issues yourself if you choose. I have nothing to hide and you get the best price I can source.

I take pride in researching the best product and price for YOUR needs and I’m not hindered by and agenda of using products of which I have the most ‘margin’ in.


I expect payment on invoice (7 days is fine also) as I have done the work or paid for the service (hosting) when I give you the bill.

For bigger jobs I may arrange pre payment or split payments with you before we commence.